11.20.2023: Spooltech Acquires TRCW. 

TRCW holds ISO 9001:2015 certifications in Welding and Machining, offering comprehensive turnkey services, including Inconel 625 inlays, Stellite overlays, and Hot/Cold GTAW welding processes. Their focus spans across drilling risers, blowout preventers, Frac Valves, Spools, Blocks, Flanges, and Wellhead components.

TRCW is known for their work on drilling riser and blowout preventers as well as manufacture, re-manufacture and repair of Frac Valves, Spools, Blocks, Flanges and other various Wellhead components. Further, TRCW provides inhouse Stress Relief, NDE Magnetic Particle examination, Liquid Penetrant examination and Hardness Testing. The company’s goal is to simplify your manufacturing and procurement process by offering a One-Stop Shop service.

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Core Solutions


Spooltech has achieved numerous quality 


Spooltech has achieved numerous quality 


Spooltech has achieved numerous quality 


Products Known For


TRCW manufactures, remanufactures and repairs pressure containing and retaining components for various applications used in oil and gas as well as other industries. 

Drilling and Production, Surface and Subsurface

TRCW’s focus has been on structures such as guide frames, ROV panels, connectors, jumpers, PUP welds, hubs, wellhead equipment (frac valves, blocks, spools, flanges, etc.), blowout preventers, drilling systems (i.e. risers, spiders, gimbals, T-joints and more).

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TRCW is registered with SAI Global as a company that has adopted the principles and achieved certification to the requirements of ISO 9001, Quality Management System.

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Load Testing

Spooltech performs rigorous load and pull tests on all steel welded spools, skids, and heavy equipment to assure that each product you receive meets or exceeds the highest quality standards in the industry.

In-house load testing capabilities allow for load testing of any structure.  Our HSEQ department can handle all of our customer’s needs including 2-point, 4-point, and drop tests.  In-house calibrated telemetric equipment and load testing weights give Spooltech flexibility to meet your needs in a timely manner.