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Your Projects Success from Concept to Delivery


We provide a variety of services including design and engineering, cladding, fabrication, heat treatment, non-destructive examination, plate processing, and DNV Engineering and Manufacturing–all performed while keeping the industry’s highest quality and shortest lead times in mind.

Our certified welders and fitters are capable of welding, plate burning, and cold sawing, that meets all major welding specifications, cold weather requirements, and structural designs. The capabilities of our facility include lifting large weldments, drive through loading and unloading, and on-site storage. 


Professionally Engineered & Manufactured

Cladding Services Houston

Serving on-shore, off-shore, sub-sea, chemical & nuclear customers.

Mobile Welding Services in Texas

A Leader in custom metal fabrication solutions for a variety of projects.

Heat Treatment Solutions
Heat Treatment

In-house heat treating & stress relief for your small & medium-sized projects.

Engineering Houston
Non Destructive Examination

Both on & off site quality inspections by certified QA personnel.

Plate Bending in Houston
Plate Processing

High quality products built to increase throughput & to provide you with overall shorter lead times.

DNV Engineering & Manufacturing

Experts in DNV certified equipment sets us apart from others within the industry.