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Some of Our Works
and Case Studies for Clients

Step to Non-Destructive Testing(NDT) of welding with process Magnetic Particle Testing(MT).
90 Spool Loading on the Antanov
(19) Deflection
(20)Design Create Deliver
50 FEA Cradle
51 FEA Spool Hub
(5) 625 Inconel on 4130
106 Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle Testing (UT & MT)
Large AC Production Skid
70 Oversized Load – Custom Shipping Solution 1
71 Oversized Load – Custom Shipping Solution 2
72 Oversized Load – Custom Shipping Solution 3
87 Spool Delivery
Hard surfacing by submerge arc welding process
Preparation for conducting heat treatment on the weld
Oxygen torch cuts steel sheet. CNC gas cutting machine. Bright sparks
117 Heat Treat – 24 Zones with Recording
Large 10’x40’ 3 phase separator
Dwellop DID, Cradle, and Spreader Bar- Spooltech
Umbilical Spool | Industrial Manufacturing
Large Umbilical Spool with Divider- Spooltech
74 Pig Launcher 1
75 Pig Launcher 2
76 Pig Launcher 3
77 Pig Launcher 4
82 Separator Vessel
93 Spooltech Tank Frame
DNV compliant baskets | DNV certified baskets | DNV Baskets | DNV Skids
Equipment Building Modifications
Kill and Choke Manifold Skids
DNV Offshore Production Manifold Skid- Spooltech
DNV Offshore
Mag Particle of DNV certified lift eyes
Two tier Skids- Spooltech
Kill and Choke Manifold Skid
Large Valve Manifold Skid- Spooltech
Large DNV Crash Frame Skid- Spooltech
Skid System 1
DNV 2.7-1 Skid Design, Build and Tested- Spooltech
Manifold skid | Two-tier skid | Custom Skid Manufacturing
DNV Certified Coiled Tubing Injector Head Basket- Spooltech
66 Multi-Level Skid 2
Multi-Level Skid 3
Tower Skid- Spooltech
Offshore Tool Basket Skid
Cladding Services | Houston
Small Equipment Skids
92 Spooltech Lifting Frame
Subsea BOP Skid
Tank Skids for offshore
103 Tank Skids
84 Small Diameter Pipe and Flanges
Large coiled tubing spool
Large Capacity coiled tubing shipping spool- Spooltech
Stairs and stainless steel railing v3, 3D illustration
61 Large Diameter Fan Assembly