DNV certified, what does that mean?

DNV is recognized as the first classification society in the maritime industry and offers certification assurances to the quality and design reliability of specific products. You might be asking, what exactly are DNV assurance certifications, and why is it important?

What is DNV certified?

In the maritime, offshore, and Oil & Gas industries, high standards of design and manufacturing must be met to adequality protect to the environment, employees, and property.  These high standards are also used to meet international regulatory compliance wherever equipment is being used.  DNV is recognized as the first classification society in the maritime industry and offers certification assurances to the quality and design reliability of specific products. 

History of DNV:

DNV was established in 1864 by the independent Norwegian foundation Det Norske Veritas. During this time, the shipping of goods and passengers was not very dependable. So, to reduce poor procedures and uncertainties, a committee was formed to oversee, evaluate, and regulate the classification of shipments crossing the ocean. DNV’s goal was clear, they were to establish criteria that guaranteed the safety of ships and vessels. In 2013, DNV GL was formed due to the merger of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and Germanischer Lloyd (GL), who is another classification society.  

Today, DNV is recognized as a leading player in maritime risk assessment and certification. On March 1st, 2021, DNV GL became DNV.

The importance of DNV:

DNV assurance certifications ensure organizations comply with various standards, also known as class rules. These classes consider safety, functionality, reliability, and certain environmental criteria. Some examples of assurance certification classes are vibration classes, temperature classes, humidity classes,  IP protection, and safety also known as EMC. DNV assurance certifications ensure safeguarding life, property and the environment with emphasis on marine hazards. In the marine, offshore, and oil & gas  industry, DNV assurance certifications are a standard referenced in many countries regulatory requirements.

Having DNV certified products assures the owners that they have a trusted partner in design and manufacturing for marine, offshore and oil & gas industry. From safety to environmental friendliness, investors in these industries are becoming increasingly demanding, therefore DNV assurance certifications are an important risk mitigation for projects.

In addition to the commercial aspects, DNV assurance certifications provide a peace of mind. By certifying part or whole of projects.  Reduction of risks by safeguarding life, property and the environment through design and manufacturing standards. Your projects will achieve the highest standards, and you will meet or exceed all customer expectations.

Spooltech: DNV assurance certified products

DNV certified products improve the quality, safety, energy efficiency and environmental performance of the entire industry of focus through their high standards of design and manufacturing, which must be performed and verified to put the DNV name on.

At Spooltech we manufacture industry leading DNV certified spools, skids, spreader bars, and other maritime systems and components. To fully meet and exceed DNV standards, our team consist of engineers, project managers, and quality technicians who know DNV requirements inside and out. Our team is able to produce DNV certified equipment and drawings with precision accuracy and shorter lead times.

Have a new project or questions? Give our DNV technicians a call today or contact us online here.


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